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Frequently Asked Link Building Questions

Link Building Strategies: First, Google only ranks URLs. Therefore, never link to your homepage only. Make sure you have some other URLs from your website. Make use of buffer sites. That can be a Gstack, WordPress com, Tumblr, Medium, or any other well-known web 2.0 blog.

What we do:
With a campaign of 6 target links, we use at least 2 URLs from the Moneysite, a Gstack, Blogpost, WordPressCom, and usually a Gstack or regular Gsite.

With a campaign of 12 target links we use at least 2 URLs from the Moneysite, two Gstacks and a Blogpost, WordPress com and we create extra Article stack and Keyword stack URLs.

With both these strategies, you get the perfect organic link building that helps you rank your website.

The big difference with other link building companies in the Netherlands and Belgium is that we do not use start pages, link partner links, homepage links, and company links. Our content backlinks do not consist of +/- 300 words (Thin content) but of at least 800 words that are structured in such a way that they are indexed and ranked for 99% by Google. Contrary to what link building companies here in the Netherlands sell as link building packages, we, therefore, see a better result with our multitier link building system.

We don’t do that anymore. The problem is that there are always those types in the SEO world who get a kick out of spamming. Unfortunately, that has happened in the past and we can tell you that it is very annoying when you have to disavow thousands of porn and casino URLs in Google.

Incidentally, these types of questions are always asked by SEO people who are not aware of multitier link building. Those who do understand this, never ask us for a test case.

Regarding indexing and ranking of the blog articles created by us, we regularly see results within 24 hours. To be honest, we have been surprised how quickly this can go. As far as SEO juice is concerned, it will take longer but that is quite normal. If you do a monthly link building campaign with multitier links, every article that is created will index but also rank. Not only do you get organic SEO juice as a result, but usually you also get traffic from it. We can see that in our system. Assume that local findability is faster than national. We offer you the possibility to redirect URLs that are on the first page of Google to your website.

First of all, we are not against home pages and link partner links. We are also not against content with around 300 words. We have nothing against our link building colleagues. We just don’t believe in this link building strategy. We don’t believe it is a good investment in your website. We do know that just a link between tons of others or a link on irrelevant websites or homepage will not help you rank unless you have many of them. Then you are thousands of euros further. But if you know that Google is starting to place less and less value on those kinds of links, you are wasting your money. Home pages are still popular in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our experience is that if you have a maximum of 10 start pages that is more than enough.

All our domains are from DA 10 and go up to DA 50and these are growing weekly. To be honest, it is a fairytale to think that only a high DA/DR ensures rankings. Don’t let anything fool you. With DA 10+ domains we easily rank above websites with a very high DA. It’s logical because the power comes from multi-tier link building. In principle, you can also artificially create a high DA/DR, but it certainly does not give you a great rankings advantage.

Yes, we fully focus on link building. SEO companies that purchase link building packages from us know enough about on-page SEO and website owners who are regularly involved in link building also have sufficient knowledge of the matter. Nevertheless, we are sometimes asked to take a look at their site and what could possibly be improved. We only do this on request.

No, in principle we do not. There are several rank trackers on the market for a reasonable monthly fee. If you let us do it, you will pay many times more for it.

Multi-tier link building, provided the diagram is organically well structured and structured content, titles, photos, and videos are used, this is the most powerful link building strategy. Every serious SEO agency uses a multi-tier link building. And if they don’t already, we recommend that they contact us. As an SEO agency, you can really grow if you use our link building system.

Yes,as long as you provide the keywords yourself. Several German campaigns are already underway. We also do English-language campaigns almost daily.

First of all, we naturally need at least 1 URL from you. Depending on the package you choose, you can supply different URL links. Don’t think that just a link to your homepage is enough. Come up with a few other links from your website. If you purchase from us every month, we recommend that you also provide buffer site links. If you don’t have one, we will make it for you for free (Only with a 3 monthly link building package). Variation in your link building strategy is an important part of being able to rank well with everything.

In addition, we need the most important 10 keywords from you. These are used by us with variations on the keywords for the first tier. Do that well and make sure that your keywords also appear on your own website. For the other tiers, we need 10 broad keywords. Example: If you have a plumbing company,then the first 10 keywords are good plumber, reliable plumber, cheap plumber, etc. For the other tiers, you have to think about home and garden things such as water damage, clogged toilet, water pipe repairs etc.

You can leave that to us for an additional price.

Yes absolutely. It is a specialty of ours. In combination with your other links and embedded iframe, you get a lot of extra juice to your maps. You also get special GMB frames where your phone number is also clickable. Don’t forget that with our link building, you also get posts that rank.

Because we are not those fast SEO guys! You know them, guys of just 20 who, without any practical experience, are going to tell you how best to rank while they are all copycats of each other. They are often all start page types. Not that we look down on young people. On the contrary, we also regularly work with young people. But isn’t it better to work with a team of people with decades of experience in the SEO world? They know how to run a company. We work together with Top SEO specialists all over the world. It is not without reason that we were the first in the Netherlands to start with this unique link building system. That is why Linkbuildingvoordeel.com

If you invest in a private link building network aimed at your niche, nationally or locally, you want to see it grow. You get good quality backlinks every month. The competition is also not standing still. A good monthly continuous backlink profile also helps. In the end, you also pay less than if you do a one-time backlink campaign with us. The payment is every three months.

A one-time package means that you do not have a private niche network. You will of course be on relevant blogs. But you cannot, for example, have subdomains created based only on your niche. It is also more expensive for one-time than if you purchase three monthly.

You can choose from Paypal, CC, iDeal, and even easier if you choose continuous monthly you can authorize us to make the payment automatically. We are quite strict about it. If payment is not made on time, the campaign will stop.

If we create a number of subdomains especially for your niche, it will cost us extra time. We analyze the niche to see which long-tail keywords will score best to rank well. The 3 months advance payment also gives us a certain piece of security. After all, we do not charge any start-up costs.

You will receive a spreadsheet at the end of the month in which you can see what blog articles have been created and when. You can also see how many visitors you have received per URL. You will not receive a rankings report. We don’t keep track of that for you.

This is an example of one of our reports:

You do not own the websites. The domains remain our property. You purchase a link building service from us in which we only link to your company with subdomains specially created for you and which are only about your company. There will be no links of your competitors on it. You are also assured that no crazy things such as adult and casino niches will appear on your websites. We don’t do adult, dating, anything for free, steroids, hate, weapons, pharma, replicas anyway. We want to keep all our domains tidy.

If you stop the “three monthly” campaigns, the blogs will remain for 9 months. Then they are either deleted or used for other customers. You can compare it with regular hosting. If you stop hosting, you will also lose your website.

But why stop when jdeURLs rank? You can also let us make a redirect per URL(not 301) while the post remains indexed. You then pay a small monthly amount.

If you have an SEO agency, you will certainly want to purchase different link building campaigns for various websites every month. We have reseller prices for that. This also applies to owners of multiple websites. Contact us for reseller prices.

Adult – Pharma – Hazard / Gambling – Warez (Including Game Hacks/cheats) – Free (Anything) – Steroids
Hate – Weapons – Racism – Replicas – Cbd / Cannabis

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