Google Stacks

Gstacks met gestructureerde content en heel veel iframes

The Google stack is part of your link building strategy

With a Google stack you have a great extra link building strategy. We use it for every website or webshop. Even though the Gstack is not well known in the Netherlands, more and more SEO agencies are starting to use the SEO power of a Google Stack. In England, America and Australia they have been in the standard SEO package at the better SEO companies for a while.

The Misunderstandings About The Google Stack

A number of SEO agencies and specialists in the Netherlands and Belgium still think that a Gstack is used to artificially increase the Domain Authority (DA) / Domain Rating (DR). That is not why we use a Google stack. That your DA is going up is true, but that makes sense when you consider that a Google site has a DA of close to 99. In a Gstack it is mainly about the iframes that are on the main page. Each iframe counts as a new link to Google. That’s why we call it stacking. With a high DA you get a lot of extra SEO juice. All you need is dedicated backlinks to get the best return on your Gstack.

Niche Gstacks and Business Gstacks

A niche Gstack consists of general relevant content and is not specifically about your company or product. Suppose you have a solar panel company, the Gstack is about relevant information about solar panels, but also green energy and wind energy. So quite broad and that is not bad at all as long as your link is in the main page and in all iframes.

A business Gstack is all about your business. Special texts are written for this. It is the way to get your company or brand known on the internet. All links in the main page and all iframes link to your website.

The extra link building power for your Gstack

With only a Gstack you have a powerful buffer site for your own website. Still, to get the full return from your Gstack, we recommend that you order our special Gstack link building. These links consist of web 2.0 blogs, social bookmarks, social networks, guest blogs, social profiles, wikis and Google article stacks. We call the rest “secret sauce”.

Prices Gstack

Niche Gstack Bronse

Exclusive Special Link Building
$ 299,-
  • Structured content
  • Private verified Gmail
  • Article Stacking
  • Keyword Stacking

Niche Gstack Silver

Includes Special Link Building
$ 499,-
  • Structured content
  • Private verified Gmail
  • Article Stacking
  • Keyword Stacking
  • Tier 1 Google Property Backlinks
  • Secret Sauce backlinks

Business Gstack

Starting from price
$ 899,-
  • Specially written content
  • Structured content​
  • Private verified Gmail
  • Article Stacking


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